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Partner with Todd's Table

Todd's Table is an independent 501c3 non-profit located in Todd, NC that seeks the social, economic and environmental vitality of our community. We do this through providing access to land to emerging farmers, who in turn use regenerative agricultural practices to grow healthy, fresh food that is distributed in our community. We also partner with local groups to host the annual Todd New River Festival.


Relationship to Blackburn’s Chapel

Todd's Table, Inc. (Formerly Blackburn Community Outreach) grew out of and remains a community partner with Blackburn’s Chapel. Blackburn’s Chapel provides facilities and land use for BCO’s programs.The current pastor of Blackburn's Chapel as well as other church leaders do serve on the Todd's Table board of directors. The church also provides in-kind supplies and office space for Todd's Table staff.


Relationship to Boone United Methodist Church

Blackburn’s Chapel is a campus of Boone UMC. Boone UMC has authority over the property and facilities in which Blackburn’s Chapel and Todd's Table operate and assemble, because of a merger that happened in the early 2000’s.