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Todd's Table Gardens hold a mission to be demonstration plots for small-scale, regenerative agriculture that educates young leaders, builds community, and increases food access in Todd and surrounding areas. We have a vision to be a community that cares for the Earth, cares for people, and shares the harvest. Under the Community Garden Coordinator leadership, we tend garden plots in and around Todd to feed our High Country neighbors. Using the principles of permaculture design at these locations, our "Beatitude Gardens" bring a unique land use model to create healthy and productive "foodscapes," and generate local food economy.


Food Distribution

Todd's Table Beatitude Gardens has two modes of food distribution: Market-style sales at Todd's Table Donations to local families, and hunger relief organizations.

Producing over 2,000 lbs of produce every year, there is plenty to share and Beatitude Gardens deeply cares about sharing the harvest. Every year food we grow is donated to local families and local agencies addressing food insecurity.

The Gardens have also donated to local organizations such as Casting Bread Food Pantry, Hunger and Health Coalition, Hospitality House, and Ashe Really Cares in order to supply food relief efforts with fresh, healthy options.


Demonstration Plot

Using the principles of Permaculture design and agroecology, we are turning the land surrounding Todd into a vibrant demonstration of what can be done to restore land to beauty, fertility and productivity.

Our first vegetable garden, newly named the St. Phocas Demonstration Garden, has provided visible examples of ecological gardening for several years, and continues to be a site of learning, service and hospitality.