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Todd's Table is committed to listening to our community. We are engaged with neighbors through skill-sharing workshops, festivals, food events, and more. There is always a chair at Todd's Table and our ears are always open to you! Feel welcome to contact us; let's see how we may work together for the flourishing of Todd!



Conducting 115 interviews since 2016, the Todd Listening Project is an asset mapping initiative with the goal of bringing people together and fostering collaboration in order to address the needs and dreams identified by Todd local residents.



Residents are concerned with food access. Regardless of income, the nearest grocery store or restaurant is twelve miles away. Many residents are also aware of the unraveling social fabric and desire a place where they can meet people across social divisions.



Creating Todd’s Table is a direct response to the Todd Listening Project, making steps towards improving food access and bulding a food-centered gathering place that honors and catalyzes the voiced needs, dreams, and gifts of the Todd community.